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Entrepreneurs aren't born, they're made.


Creating Your Tomorrow, Today

You have a choice;

Hustle for 24/7 or Slave from

9-to-5? Which one will you choose?

The Tomorrow Academy offers a learning experience unlike any other. We don't do virtual or ritual. We don't simulate. We're all about the real-time & the real-world entrepreneurship. Period.

Our approach to learning is by doing. You're probably asking yourself - well how do we do that?

Come on over & find out, or call us.  

Our philosophy and execution is outrageous yet intuitive. Why? because we are obsessed with Entrepreneurship, nothing else. You see, we refuse to accept that awesome entrepreneurs are merely born. We believe there's a Steve Jobs or Gary Vaynerchuk inside each and every one of us, waiting to be unleashed.

"Let me tell you. It isn't just about drive. It's about having the right type of drive at any given point of time."


Here at the Tomorrow Academy, we see the value in disruptive ideation plus the importance of combining those ideas with hands-on experience.We're on a mission today to empower a global community of entrepreneurs with the mindset, skillset, networks, tools & infrastructure to create an abundant tomorrow.The Tomorrow Academy gives its students the freedom to explore entrepreneurship in a way that isn’t limited to just simulation or gamification. It's age-old adage but "Practice truly makes perfect"

"Let me ask you. Would you say no to being a fashionpreneur, a beautypreneur, a foodiepreneur, a technopreneur if I told you I could offer you all that and more, without any of the risk?"

A.J Minai

TEDx Speaker &

Chief Executive Officer of Tomorrow Academy



We offer one thing and one thing alone -- A 4-Weeks, Hands On, Immersive Learning Experience In Entrepreneurship. You'll be given access to some of the most premium brands alongside established mentors here at the Tomorrow Academy. If you're looking for a fancy degree, then you're in the wrong place. We work in the real-world here. There's no room for text-books, just action. 

"We're going to put you through an experiential journey, designed specifically for you to understand & build a real-world entrepreneurial mindset and business."

WSMall SEA Chairman

Dato' Seri Syed Zainal Abidin 

A 4-weeks, Hands-on, Immersive Learning Experience in Entrepreneurship

Awaken the Entrepreneur in You

Module 2

Brand Marketing

No one said this is going to be easy. You want easy or quick money? - then don't let the door hit you on the way out. Day 1 is about raw reality. It's about awakening something inside of you. It's where we learn as well as unlearn what it means to be an entrepreneur, up-close & personal. 

Module 1

What does it take to build a brand? Sure, there's a lot of people out there with a lot of theories around what works best. We aren't interested in theories though. Join us as we take you on a journey to understand how brands today aren't just built online through campaigns and social sales. That's just one part of a larger equation. It's also about what you're doing offline. Digital doesn't hustle like real Hustlers do offline. 

Creativity - Standing Out

In an age where data is the new currency. Where information is accessible faster than we can blink sometimes, how do you stand out? Some experts say that the employee is most important person in the business. No. The employee isn't. The Customer is. Creativity isn't just a skill or a subject. It's a mindset. Learn how to disrupt in order to create value & stand out in the minds of your customers.

Story Telling to Succeed

Module 4

Module 3

The age of traditional sales is dead. We don't sell anymore. We make our customers buy. Influencers not salesmen succeed in this millennial world of ours. Once you've started building a brand, you need to know how to tell its story. Why? because nobody actually cares about how awesome your products or services are. What they care about is how you & your offerings make them feel. 

Financial Modelling
Bring it all Together

There's nothing wrong with Sales or salesmanship. In fact, Sales is the lifeblood of every organisation. But have you ever stopped and asked yourself why is Sales such an important part of our daily lives as a professional or business owner? Well because, business at the end of day is about transactions. You can't run away from that. The question is, do you understand how these transactions can either grow or slow your profitability? Do you understand that chain, end-to-end? 

Module 6

Module 5

On Day 4, you're in the last week of your experience here at the Tomorrow Academy. We're going to put you through that last checkpoint so that you understand just how much the last 3 weeks have transformed you and your mindset. Welcome to the new you. An exponential You. 




4 cornerstones of what it takes to be an immensely intuitive entrepreneur through doing as opposed to just studying. Powered by a platform that allows you to build a legacy in real-time.

"Let me repeat that. This is the only academy in the world that let's you build a brand, that let's you generate a profit, as you learn about the real-world."

WSMall Malaysia

Chief Executive Officer

& Co-Founder of Tomorrow Academy

Then Ikh Choo

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Success Story

"The only obstacle toward

success is yourself"


"Don't stress over what have to be done tomorrow, take pride in what  your accomplishment from today"


Asyikin Azman

"Being a full time ENGINEER and a part time SOLDIER doesn't stop me from becoming



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